How does www.terrafortune.com work?

Terrafortune.com is a real estate web portal offering an online platform for sale properties both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Can I buy properties in www.terrafortune.com?

No. You can’t buy properties in terrafortune.com but you can search properties and contact the advertiser.

How can I search properties in www.terrafortune.com?

Go to www.terrafortune.com Enter locality in the search bar, for example – vidyanagar/Kukatpally/koti Then enter city or village Select district from the dropdown Select property type you are looking Finally click search button

How can I register with www.terrafortune.com?

You can register either as an individual agent or company agent or property owner. In all categories mobile number is mandatory to register with www.terrafortune.com. By filling up the required fields in each category, you can register with us. Your id is your mobile number and your password is the one you entered in the password field. You will receive an instant mobile text message (sms) of your id and password to the registered mobile shortly after the registration process.

How can I list property in www.terrafortune.com?

Please click list your property tab in the home page. In order to list your property, you need to register with www.terrafortune.com Once you have your id and password, it’s easy to list a property in the website. Listing your property is a three step process.

  • 1) Entering Basic information In this step, you are asked to enter property type you wish to list and the geographic information about your property
  • 2) Entering Property Features In this step, you need to enter the area and other property features including description about the property
  • 3) Additional information You are requested to enter, property price, property images and contact person name and mobile number. Finally click the submit button to post your property

How can I edit any property detail I entered mistakenly?

You have complete control to edit any of the property detail you entered.

  • -> Go to My account in the home page.
  • -> Choose my properties
  • -> Click edit button for the property you wish to edit
  • -> Now you can edit any information you wish including images

What is new projects section in www.terrafortune.com?

All new constructions are listed under new projects section in the website. You can browse to find any new construction in the specific location you wish by entering details in the search bar.

What is new ventures section in www.terrafortune.com?

All new ventures and layouts are listed in new ventures section of the website. You can enter the specific location you wish to find the venture in the search bar.

How do I change my password?

You can login to your account and go to My account section in the home page, select change my password. By entering your current password and the desired new password in respected fields, you can successfully change your password.

How do I update my mobile number or email address in the website?

First sign in to your account. Then go to My account in the home page and select profile, you can edit any of your personal information you entered at the time of your registration including your mobile number and email address. Finally click save changes to apply all changes you made.

Where can I see list of all the properties I posted in www.terrafortune.com?

First sign in to your account. Then click My account button in the home page. Select my properties, you can find list of all the properties you posted so far in www.terrafortune.com

What is an Assisted Property service mentioned in the website?

If you intend to find land for specific project with special requirements, our highly reliable and experienced executives will assist you to procure a land of your needs by keeping your project details confidential within a short span of time

Why am I not receiving enough response for my property listing?

One of the main reasons for lack of proper response is that the listing might not have a photo or you might not have entered enough property details or the description of the property might not be good enough to gain the viewer attention. We always encourage updating and editing your listing periodically to keep your listing upfront.

Why do I see some sold out properties in the website?

We always encourage our clients to delete the properties that are sold out. Inspite of our best efforts, sometimes our clients take some time to delete the sold out properties.

How do I know if someone is interested in my property listing?

If the viewer is interested in your property, you will receive sms alert to your mobile once he click contact agent button. Once the contact the advertiser button is pressed, the viewer can also view your contact details so that he can call you directly.

How do I logout from my terrafortune account?

Please go to My account in the home page and choose logout

What if I forgot my password?

Please go to home page, click sign in button and choose forgot my password option. Your password will be sent through sms to your registered mobile number.

Do I need to register to search properties in www.terrrafortune.com?

No. You don’t need to register to search property listings in www.terrafortune.com

How many properties can I post in www.terrafortune.com?

You can post an unlimited number of properties in www.terrafortune.com

How many images can I upload for each property in www.terrafortune.com?

You can upload up to 10 images and each image size should not exceed 2 MB and the preferred formats are .jpg, .gif and .png. If you have any problem in loading images, please email info@terrafortune.com or whatsapp to +91 9959021111.